BEC Business & Innovation Centre Inc. (“BBI”), is a subsidiary of Bruce Energy Centre Inc. for the purpose of providing infrastructure, such as office-, R&D-, innovation- and training facilities, specifically for the current and future contractors providing equipment and/or services to Bruce Power related activities.


The following is a realistic time table for the various property stages:

Stage I: (2017-2019)   Preliminary Outline

103 Farrell Drive (re-development 400,000 sqft office and industrial/warehouse development space)

Office Complex:

Office Unit 1                  19,200 sqft.    available in 2017
Office Unit 2                  41,400 sqft.    available in 2018
Office Unit 3                  79,200 sqft.    available in 2018
Office Unit 4                120,000 sqft.    available in 2019
Total Office Complex   259,800 sqft.

Stage II: (2017)    Preliminary Outline

BR20/BR23 (400,000 sqft warehouse development space)





    Preliminary Outline Stage I- 103 Farrell Drive    

Stage I - 103 Farrell Drive (proposed office copmplex)                                       Bruce Training Centre


Envisioned BBI Services

In today’s business environment it is essential to have for such a business park an innovation centre as part of a business park, constantly promoting the integration between the parties, which includes, but not limits to the following:

• Interaction with governments and local citizens
• Security & Logistic systems
• Open Wi-Fi throughout the business park
• ThinkPort approach between the business park and Municipality (SMARTcity)
• Open Innovation Platform
• Advanced training facilities with University collaboration (UoW, UoG, etc.)
• Sourcing of international partners participating in the BBI and Municipality
• Investing in the right building infrastructure
• Integration models with various entities, start-up ventures who have a sustainable approach and complimenting the   Municipality’s vision
• Creating frameworks which could bring business, research and training together all with the help of the various
  universities without duplicating
• Promoting pilot projects



Land Map - Designated “BEC” area able to use electricity and waste heat energy from the Bruce Power Plant


For further information please contact the office of:

BEC Business & Innovation Centre Inc.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Bruce Energy Centre Inc.
103 Farrell Drive, Bruce Energy Centre
Kincardine/Tiverton, ON N0G 2T0
Telephone: +1-519-368-5000 or +1-519-858-3000






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